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Singer Valve Inc. offers a wide range of automatic control valves. Most Singer Valves consist of a main valve and a pilot control system.
Main Valves:
Singer manufactures two distinct main body model series – “106 Series” Full Port and “206 Series” Reduced Port valves. The model 206 series valves are similar to the model 106 series except that the seat sizes are typically one standard pipe size smaller than the flange sizes (consult us on larger sizes). For example, a 6” (150mm) 206-PG valve has a 4” (100mm) seat diameter. The Model 206 is often a preferred selection when the flow ranges are suitable. Singer Main Valves are available in three main models: PG, PT/ PTC, or PGM, each offers distinct operating efficiencies for varying applications . Each is available in the 106 Series Full Port or 206 Series Reduced Port. Most sizes are also available in Angle Pattern.
Pilots and Controls
Singer offers a wide range of Pilot System options to suit the most complex application (see High Performance Section/Standard Models Sections for details).
Kindly refer the following standard of main valve component for various typical application in water management :-
Series 106 full port , globe style valves sizes available from 15mm to 600mm
Series 206 reduced port , globe style valves available from 100mm to 600mm
All valves ASTM A536 DUCTILE IRON construction
All valves high build , internal epoxy coated .
True ANTI – CAVITATION trim option available for 106 series valves
Standard Function Models
SINGER is offering various control valves system to provide a specific function or application to minimize pressure losses and achieve cost efficiency as shown as the following control systems :-
  • Level Control
  • Pump Control
  • Pressure Control
  • Flow Control
  • Relief, Sustaining Control, Surge Control
  • Electronic Control

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