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Non Rising Cast Iron Wedge Gate Valves


This valve is manufactured in accordance to BS 3464, which is available in non rising stem, iron spindle   or bronze spindle, double flanged ended drilled to BS 10 table E c/w Grey cast iron hand wheel, Sizes available from DN 40mm to DN 300mm.

Technical Specification

Country of origin                
Shell test pressure                
Seating test pressure             
Working temperature            
Flanged drilling   

Alfran Machinery Pty Ltd
15 kg/cm 2
11 kg/cm 2
< 100 o C
BS 10 table E or BS4504 table 16/11 upon request

Kindly downloading the following links for technical information:-

Material Specification and Dimension

Forged Brass Gate valve


This gate valve are generally used in the fully open or closed position. Its allow full unrestricted flow through the valve with minimum pressure drop, and when closed give a positive shut off without leakage.

It is manufactured in accordance to BS 5154 PN20 non rising spindle type in forged brass, female screwed ends to BS 21 and  to be used as stop valves on pipe lines conveying liquids. Sizes available from DN 10mm to DN 100mm.

Kindly downloading the Technical specification and Dimension for Details information.


Kindly download the Adobe Acrobat Reader @ 6.0 for free software to viewing and printing the pdf files.




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